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Learn about biochar

Since we began in 2018, we’ve been starting conversations about a powerful soil amendment which has, until recently, been somewhat overlooked by science and horticulture. 

Although biochar has been around for thousands of years, we’re only now discovering how much potential it has. Not only for increased plant health and soil fertility, but also a valuable tool in the fight against climate change.

As recognition of biochar grows, we’re here to support you on your journey of discovery. We aim to provide you with the facts about biochar, how best to use it, what the real benefits are, alongside offering sustainable, high performing products at the best price. 

What is biochar? 

Biochar is an organic soil amendment that allows you to grow bigger, healthier plants with less water and less feed. Different from charcoal, biochar also sequesters carbon - so it’s good for the planet too! But what does all of that mean?

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Ways to use biochar 

Biochar can be applied in several different ways to suit your gardening processes. Although we don’t recommend using biochar for sowing seeds, use it for planting out or for co-composting to see the benefits. 

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How to activate biochar

Biochar is like a sponge. If you don't charge it up with nutrients first, it will temporarily  steal them from your soil instead. Learn about gardeners favourite methods, as well as our personal recommendations for best results.

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Free resources

Information about biochar isn’t easy to come by. Our mission has always been to make biochar accessible, and so, we want to share everything that we’ve learnt with you. Join our community to receive the latest biochar resources and guides straight to your inbox!

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Earthly Biochar blog

If you just want to talk about biochar, then reach out to us here. Alternatively, take a look at our blog - we share lots of information, tips and tricks for getting the best out of biochar and may have already answered some of your burning questions! 

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