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About Us

Earthly Biochar: UK biochar suppliers

Earthly Biochar are UK biochar suppliers, committed to combating climate change through making high-performance, sustainable products accessible at affordable prices. 

Since we began in 2018, we’ve been starting conversations about a powerful soil amendment which has, until recently, been somewhat overlooked by science and horticulture. 

To date we’ve helped hundreds of domestic gardeners and land managers to make the transition from using harmful chemical products in their soil to investing in more effective, long-term solutions friendly to both plants and the planet. 

Our mission

The planet has a finite number of resources. Yet we continue to deplete them at a rate of 1.5 earths per year. That means we eat into 50% of next year's resource budget each year. This is the definition of unsustainable.

Tackling this problem is a shared responsibility. People across the UK are starting to take steps to make positive change, from corporations down to consumers. Earthly Biochar is all about making it easier for horticultural industries down to gardening enthusiasts to play their part. 

The IPCC, Project Drawdown, the Royal Society and Exponential Roadmap all include biochar in their plans for how we reach net zero emissions. The Royal Horticultural Society and all leading academic institutions recognise biochar's ability as a soil amendment. Our mission as responsible UK biochar suppliers is to make it accessible.

Our values 

We believe the only way for human civilisation to become planet compatible is if the most sustainable product is also the highest performing at the best price. 

Why is biochar not already in every farm and garden centre? The reason is simple.

No one has convinced investors to finance large scale local production of biochar because they aren’t convinced the market is there. The market isn’t there because no one can make it for a low enough price. No one can make it for a low enough price because no one has committed to building the production infrastructure to achieve economies of scale. 

This is the cycle we vow to break. 

Our vision 

We see biochar as one of our best tools in the fight against our climate emergency. And we see the UK becoming a driver for the movement, with more carbon-conscious individuals wanting to explore alternatives, and discover its potential applications. 

Our vision is to get to a place where biochar is rolled out as a practical solution on a mass scale to improve the environment across all agriculture and horticulture industries.