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How does biochar help my plants?

I wish we had all day to talk about this! There is so much science to share! Here’s my best summary of how biochar can help plants in your garden / nursery / field (and if you want more information, just ask!)

  • Biochar has a huge surface area to volume ratio - it’s super porous
  • Its pores are negatively charged...
  • ...this means it holds onto water and fertiliser!
  • As a result your plants have greater access to water and nutrients
  • The pores also attract microbes (the good kind)
  • So the biochar turns into a microbe hotel!
  • These microbes make the nutrients your plants need to grow

The bottom line: biochar enhances natures symbiosis in the soil

I hope this painted a great picture of mini microbe hotels dotted around your garden and lots of flourishing plants… because that’s basically it in a nutshell!

If you want to learn more, make sure you sign yourself up for our FREE Biochar For Beginners webinar or send us an email or message on Instagram and we will send you the recording.

Our goal is to get biochar off the ground in a way which doesn't end up creating more harm than good. Remember, if it's not carbon negative and it doesn't work in the soil it's not biochar. 

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