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Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home
Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home
Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home
Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home

Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home

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Free shipping on UK orders.

Free shipping on UK orders.

Enabling carbon-conscious domestic gardeners to make biochar safely and sustainably at home with innovative smokeless technology. 

Offering a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional at-home production methods, Earthly Biochar are the first on the market to design and manufacture a purpose-built smokeless biochar kiln. 

Our clean burning technology makes it easy and economical for domestic gardeners to make their own powerful soil amendments in just one hour, with the process optimised to create carbon neutral heat over harmful smoke.

Unique features of our biochar maker:

  • 25 litre chamber to produce 10 litres of biochar in every burn 

  • Heats to temperatures of 600-700 degrees Celsius to optimise product efficiency

  • Efficient process time of just one hour

  • Designed to eliminate smoke making it truly carbon negative

  • Tripod style legs for maximum product stability  

  • Modular design for easy repairs 

  • Comes with a grill plate to allow heat energy to be used for cooking

  • 5 year warranty 

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK

In just over four years you can cover the initial cost of the biochar kiln based on once-a-month usage (10L Biochar RRP £20), making it a real investment for your garden.

When you buy our biochar kiln you’ll also gain access to expert advice and support, as well as an online knowledge base with easy-to-follow biochar best practice tutorial videos (worth an additional £120 per year). 

Always follow manufacturer’s guidelines for proper usage.

Product description:

As recognition of biochar as a powerful soil amendment in the gardening world grows, many are looking for ways to make their own at home, rather than purchase commercially sold and manufactured products. 

While there are a number of traditional methods for making biochar at home, unless you have the specialist knowledge or tools, these can be dangerous as well as being damaging to the environment by releasing harmful methane gas. 

That’s why we have spent the last two years developing our innovative biochar kiln - to make biochar accessible to UK gardeners in a way that is safe and sustainable.  

Biochar is created through pyrolysis, which means separation by fire. Limiting the oxygen prevents most of the carbon from reacting and forming CO2, and prevents the wood from turning to ash.

In our eco-friendly driven design, as the wood is carbonising, the wood smoke is directed to a combustion zone and mixed with oxygen to create heat, CO2 and water vapour.

Instructions for use:

Load up your kiln with your 'waste' wood of choice - we’ve found that using dry wood chips work best. Once filled, light it from the top. 

Any smoke which is generated is quickly burnt off meaning no methane pollution. Smoke is flammable, so by mixing it with air you stop it from escaping.

Wood burns twice, from wood to charcoal and from charcoal to ash. Wood smoke burns orange and charcoal burns blue. The change of colour shows you that it’s time to stop the burn - this usually happens in about 45 minutes to one hour. 

At this point, quench the fire with water. This stops the biochar from turning to ash and creates steam, which in turn, improves the quality of the product. When you are sure the fire is out, put your heat proof gloves on, pick up the burn chamber using the handle and tip the biochar into a bucket. Crush it up using a sledge hammer, space or block of wood and then it’s ready for use!