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Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home
Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home
Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home
Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home

Biochar Kiln - Make biochar at home

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Biochar is becoming increasingly popular amongst carbon conscious gardeners. 

Gardeners love making things themselves but if you wanted to make biochar at home you would have to build yourself a kiln from scrap metal.

This puts a lot of people off as most people don't have the tools or the skills necessary for the job. 

This is why we have designed The Biochar Maker. Gardeners can now make their own powerful soil amendment and do good for the planet.

Here's how it works:

Load it up with your 'waste' wood of choice and you light it from the top. Any smoke which is generated is quickly burnt off. Making the process smokeless. After about 45 minutes to an hour, your flame will go from a big orange one, to a small blue one. At this point it is time to quench the fire with water. This stops it from turning to ash and creates steam which increases the quality of the biochar. When you're sure its out, lift out the burn chamber using the handle and empty it into a bucket. Crush the biochar up and add it to compost where it will turn into this powerful biochar. 

Our Biochar Maker is a £497 investment:

  • Make 10 litres of biochar per burn (worth ¬£20)

  • Use it once a month and you'll make 120 litres per year (worth ¬£240)

  • In just over 2 years you'll have made your money back!

  • Access to our biochar webinars and tutorial videos (worth ¬£120 per year)

  • It comes with a grill plate so you can use the heat energy to make some lovely food!

  • Made to last 5 years with a modular design for repairability

We designed our kiln to make it easy and economical for you to use biochar at home. Connor designed the kiln himself with sustainability as his main priority, this is why when you use our kiln, you will have a clean burn with very little smoke. Watch the video to see how it works! 

To have an in-depth understanding on how to make biochar at home, go to our biochar resources page to get hold of our webinar, which talks you through making biochar at home.