High quality biochar ūüĆé 1kg of biochar sequesters 2.5 kg of CO2 ūüĆé Free shipping!

biochar uk
biochar uk
Biochar effect on root development, with biochar the plant has healthier, more developed roots.
Biochar effect on yields and plant growth, with biochar the yields have increased by about 40% with a lot more above ground growth.

Biochar with Inoculant Powder

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Buy biochar, charcoal for gardening, horticulture and land management to improve soil fertility and plant health, while acting as a reliable form of carbon sequestration. 

Professionally tested. Expertly proven. Certified for use in soil.

Our biochar for sale is made from wood which was destined for landfill or incineration and is 100% natural, free from chemicals or toxins. 

Simply combine the inoculant powder with water and stir, then soak your biochar in this liquid for a few minutes. Add straight to your soil or blend with homemade or commercial composts for optimal results.

Buy biochar to...

  • Boost plant productivity and increase harvests

  • Increase plant water and feed retention

  • Boost beneficial microbe population in soil

  • Improve soil drainage and aeration

  • Create better soil structure

  • Speed up composting time

  • Sequester carbon

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In the box...

  • Pure¬†biochar

  • Nutrient & microbe powder

  • Instructions for use

For bulk biochar sales for commercial growers, request a no-obligation trade price.

Free shipping on UK orders.

Product description

Biochar is the name given to a special type of high temperature charcoal that is mixed into compost to provide compelling, long term benefits to soil health.  Biochar is extremely porous making it excellent at retaining water and nutrients promoting plant health and microbial activity.

Grain husks, fruit pulp and wood shavings are heated to 600¬įC in a carbon negative system and then extinguished with water. By turning waste materials into biochar we are intercepting carbon which otherwise would be released through the decomposition or incineration of the waste biomass.¬†

The process of making biochar turns the carbon into a solid crystalline structure, which when added to soil, remains safely stored long-term. This is why the IPCC and Project Drawdown refer to biochar as a nature based carbon sink, expected to prevent 2.2-4.4 billion tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by 2050. 

To get the best out of biochar, it should be mixed with nutrients and microbes - a process known as charging, inoculating or activating. We supply our pure biochar with an inoculant powder mix containing a blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi as well as a little bit of seaweed and humic acid for fast, optimal results.

Instructions for use

Biochar works best when added to soil at a rate of 10-20% by volume.

  • 15 litres of biochar is enough to try out with 150 litres of compost

  • 25 litres of biochar is enough for 250 litres of compost

  • Bulk biochar is most economical for large projects ‚Äď request a no-obligation trade price

The ratio between litres and kilograms for biochar depends on the moisture content, as the more moisture in the biochar the heavier it becomes. Our biochar has a moisture content compliant with the European Biochar Certificate. The weight to volume ratio is 0.2 kilograms to 1 litre of biochar.

How much CO2 am I saving when I buy biochar?

When you buy biochar, you are preventing CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 

For every tonne of biochar we make, we are preventing 2.5 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the environment. When you buy a 10 litre or 25 litre bag of biochar, you will be actively helping to mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon in your soils.

Our carbon removal process is certified by Carbonfuture and we generate carbon offset removal credits for those who are looking to reduce their remaining, currently unavoidable, emissions. We offer bulk biochar sales for industry and large projects in the UK. If you would like to get a no-obligation quote for large biochar quantities with carbon credits, please contact us using our online form.