1kg of biochar saves 3.6kg of CO2.

Regenerating The Earth Using Gardening

Planet First, Success Second

Our mission is to help regenerate the earth using gardening. Our plan is to create amazing products which solve problems and create value in your garden whilst actively improving the planet.  

When you buy Green & Grow Biochar you are:

  • Growing bigger healthier plants (20% in good soil 200% in poor soil)
  • Reducing watering and feeding needs by 50%
  • Helping to remove CO2 from the atmosphere!

When you use 10 kg of Biochar you are preventing 33 kg of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. This is the same as the CO2 emissions from 170 miles of driving! When you buy a 10 kg bag of Biochar from us and use it in your garden, you can really make a difference and reduce your carbon footprint! Learn more about the super powers of Biochar in our Grow Blog post.

Designed By Gardeners for Gardeners   

We are focused on selling products which are designed by and for gardeners. To achieve this it is important to closely communicate with you! This is why we are inviting you to become a Green & Grow Insider.

In exchange for your input and feedback on our new products we will give you free Green & Grow Biochar for life. Our best customers are sounding boards where we can bounce ideas around and collaborate making 1+1=10. If this is of interest to you then please email us at info@greenandgrow.uk

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Let’s Make A Difference

We are really passionate about creating a world for our future children to live in. With the help of our customers we can have a positive impact by removing tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and improving the UK’s soil health!